Children 1

Some of the most challenging and distressing events a person can experience involve their children. Our Solicitor Advocates can help and represent all family members and carers on a full range of issues and disputes involving children. We are experts in the rights of children, parents, grandparents and other carers who wish to provide long term care.

Garrods Law Ltd have considerable experience of Care Proceedings brought by Local Authorities, where we can represent the children, a parent, or other family members or carers. These proceedings can be complicated, often involving doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, substance abuse and parenting experts and cultural issues. We are able to guide you through this maze of complexity and give you clear advice about your options and the way forward, in the short and the long term.

We also believe that it is important for our clients to have continuity of representation wherever possible and we try to ensure that one of us – usually the lawyer dealing with your case, will see you in the office and represent you at Court. We are very experienced Solicitor Advocates, often conducting lengthy and complex trials, and have achieved accreditation to appear in all the civil courts, including all the higher and appeal courts. In all children matters, we can offer representation for all types of hearings including directions hearings, interim hearings and final hearings.

We act professionally and objectively while remaining empathic and sensitive. We have the specialist experience, needed to enable us to handle the more complex and upsetting cases involving children, including:-

  • Care Proceedings (involving allegations of neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse and non-accidental injuries)
  • Child Arrangement Orders (which parent children will live with and how they will spend time with the other parent, when couples separate)
  • Prohibited Steps Orders/Injunctions/Seek & Find Orders (to protect children) and Specific Issue Orders (e.g. about education, religion, change of name or national or international relocation)
  • Parental Responsibility Orders (for unmarried fathers)
  • Special Guardianship Orders (often when extended family members provide care for the children)
  • Adoption Proceedings