Anita Garrod

Anita Garrod founded Garrods Law Ltd in Chelmsford some twenty-two years ago. She has a wealth of experience in all family law matters and specialises in matters relating to children. Anita is a long standing member of the Law Society Children Panel Accreditation Scheme, a Solicitor Advocate with the right to appear in all civil courts, including the appeal courts.

She leads the Garrods Law team in the areas of Family, Children, Wills and Probate.

Anita appears in courts in London, Essex, Suffolk, and Hertfordshire and represents children, parents, grandparents, other family members, other carers, and prospective adopters. Her forensic, sympathetic, yet determined approach have brought respect and has set the ethos of the firm to provide the best possible representation for clients.

Anita deals with many lengthy final hearings, covering complex and critical issues for families and all kinds of allegations, including all forms of alleged abuse, parental alienation and cultural issues.

Anita also oversees the private client department, ensuring that clients' wishes are followed in all matters.

Outside work, Anita enjoys the theatre, all kinds of music, traveling, food and good wine, reading, bird-watching and spending time in the country and by the sea with family.