Yes, it is that time of year once again but what if it isn’t all happy families? Don’t leave the arrangements for the holiday contact with children until the last minute.

Trying to ensure the children have quality time with both you and your former spouse or ex partner over the break can be both trying and angst ridden. In an attempt to try and limit or prevent any difficulties it is best to plan arrangements well in advance. Do your best to try and discuss matters amicably with your former spouse or ex partner and give thought to the wishes and feelings of the children. Remember that the children want to spend time with you both and you both want to spend time with them.

If you are considering an arrangement, would you be happy with it? Whatever your feelings for your former spouse/ex partner, any parental breakdown is hard for children but you can make it easier, they still need a relationship with you both and you are both as important to them, so try and encourage and support your children.

Remember, you can make any day as special,  so whatever day(s) the children are spending with you can and will be special for them. It is a time for children, so make the time you have with them child focused and don’t dwell on any unresolved issues you have with your former spouse/ex partner.

What if you just can’t reach an agreement? Then Garrods Law Ltd can help. We will try to negotiate an amicable and fair arrangement on your behalf. We can advise you on the law and what are appropriate arrangements in the eyes of the court. Although we hope it’s unnecessary, should court proceedings be needed then we can advise, support and represent you throughout the process.

Garrods Law Ltd offer a fixed-fee appointment. This time allows a qualified specialist family lawyer to fully understand your current situation and family dynamics. We can then provide the advice you need for your individual circumstances and on the law.

Once contact is agreed then its one less thing to keep you awake at night and you can focus on organising the rest of your holiday.